Welcome to Harmonic Wind Harps.

World leaders in the best sounding wind harps available. See and hear a variety of wind harps, download the ‘Wind Songs’ CD or plans to build your own wind harp. Order window or door wind harps, grands, or walk-in harmonic sanctuaries.

Listen to the Grand Aeolian Harp: excerpt of Trk. 1 (1:25), from the ‘Wind Songs’ CD.

Pictured: A three foot window wind harp.


~Aeolian harps belong anywhere the wind blows ~

~ Home, gardens or retreat centres. A sacred space of stillness and deep peace ~ Spas, studios and resorts. Brings balance and calm to the weary client.

~Hotels, parks and restaurants. A focal point that draws guests into an exceptionally inspiring experience.

~ Office space. Urban noise pollution is neutralized and in its place a space in which to refocus and create.

“The sounds of the Aeolian harp and the woodthrush are the truest and loftiest preachers I know now left on this earth”

– Henry David Thoreau